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Kin, the Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency Market?

Kin the Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency Market?

Kik, messaging app has launched its own digital currency, Kin, is going to be the primary payment method for any transaction method carried out over Kik.

As the cryptocurrency market is seeing many names in its list if Kin strikes the iron while it's hot, it too could be the latest addition to the cryptocurrency market.

Kik is trying to establish relationships with other companies to work in Kin, which would give Kin users a field of options to shop from.

As of now, it still remains unclear as to how users would get Kin. Apparently, it would be same as mining Ethereum, which is possible through a standard video card system, but duration is yet unknown.

While there are reports that suggest that Kin can be earned via interaction with chatbots, by engaging in services established by brands or other firms and also Kin can be used as a tipping method.