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Kanye West Suing "Coinye West" Cryptocurrency Founders

Kanye West Suing Coinye West Cryptocurrency Founders

The ever so confident and in his own words fabulous rapper Kanye West has filed a lawsuit in order to try and stop the Coinye West coin from being produced and hit circulation. Kanye West believes that the founders of the coin are using his good name to promote their product and that is not in his interest in any way.

The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in Manhattan Federal Court in New York. His hopes by doing so is to stop persons and companies from buying, selling and exchanging the coins, despite not knowing who is behind the coin at this point. Kanye West furthermore also want to sue the creators of the coin for hurting Kanye's reputation.

The filed lawsuit says that the creators of the Coinye West coin brazenly admits to having used Kanye West's name and apparel to associate their coin with Kanye, in order to become more successful. The lawsuit also stated that the entrepreneurs behind the coin also stated that cryptocurrency can't be stopped no matter if it "looks like a dollar, a dog or a cartoon picture of a rapper.". The Coinye West coin is using a cartoon image that resembles Kanye West to a certain degree.

By taking a look at the Coinye West website, it looks like Kanye West has been successful in his threats as it now states: "COINYE IS DEAD. YOU WIN KANYE"

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