Interview with Xivra Altcoin Creator Peter

Cryptocurrencies are taking up more and more space in the media these days, both positive and negative. We, as, have decided to try and talk to some of the creators of alternative cryptocurrencies and listen to their point of view on this new and thrilling industry and get an insight to why they decided to create their own cryptocurrency.

In the first interview we spoke to Peter, creator of Xivra. Xivra differentiates from many other cryptocurrencies, simply because it’s called Xivra instead of XivraCoin. This decision was made at the start to try and establish Xivra as a real alternative cryptocurrency with big ambitions, unlike others who look to make a quick profit.

How it Started

The creator of Xivra, Peter, first became aware of cryptocurrencies a few years ago, right after Litecoin was first released. At the time he was not ready, nor did he have the time, to create and develop his own cryptocurrency, but some time went by and eventually he took it upon himself to build Xivra, as we know it today.

Xivra’s creation was initiated in November of 2013 and released about a month and a half later, on the 18th of December. Xivra was released without being pre-mined by the developers, and in total 8.4 billion Xivra will be in circulation at the end of the mining cycle.

“A small but great community helped me develop the coin,” Peter said, but he did most of the developing himself while completely funding the project out of his own pocket.

A cryptocurrency with great functionality and transparency was something Peter sought out to create, as he believes many other cryptocurrencies lack these elements. Xivra had to be useful and upon its release it received positive feedback from the cryptocurrency-community. This response convinced Peter to work on Xivra full time and develop services for Xivra holders and further develop the coin. and made it possible to trade Xivra’s right from the start and more exchange sites are believed to pick up this new currency in the coming months.

Xivra has been created to reward committed miners, not those looking to obtain a few coins fast and make some quick money. Peter went into detail, and explained to us what makes Xivra different for miners.

“There has been a lot of talk about ASIC, multipools and gravity wells etcetera in the last few weeks. Xivra has a built in limit on how fast the difficulty can increase. Xivra’s mining difficulty can increase at a maximum of only 25% per 192 blocks. Also, before mined blocks mature it takes on average 12-13 hours. From a miners point of view it’s good to stick around with Xivra, but not for people who want to make a quick buck.”

But he would however have wanted to release Xivra until after he had fully launched all the platforms and services that he planned.

“I would not change anything to Xivra,” Peter said when asked about if he would like to change anything to his cryptocurrency. “Looking back though I would have waited with the release though, and not launched Xivra until I had the platforms in place that I’m building right now,” Peter said.

Xivra Services

One of the keys to long-term success for Xivra will be the plethora of different services that Peter plans to provide for Xivra holders. These services include a hosting company that was fully launched recently, a poker room, casino site, as well as a job portal where you can get paid in Xivra to do different tasks.

When asked about why he decided to create gambling platforms for Xivra, and if it is out of commercial interest, Peter told us the following.

“I looked at the history of Bitcoin and it actually got a lot more attention through gambling sites. For me it is a way of promoting Xivra and it makes Xivra useable. Any profit I make with the poker and casino room will be reinvested back into Xivra promotion and development.”

Xivra will be using the Poker Mavens poker platform, which is also used by SealsWithClubs and other Bitcoin poker sites. Players will be able to deposit with multiple different cryptocurrencies and exchange those to Xivra through, which Peter has made a partnership with. The poker site is set to launch sometime in March, once everything is set up correctly. You can visit the Xivra poker site here:

For casino games there is no ETA yet, as Peter is looking into different solutions to provide the best possible games for players.

The main service for Xivra, as Peter sees it, is the hosting company. He believes that it has a high commercial interest and that it can help spread the word of Xivra to new areas.

“The hosting company is set up as a real company, where in addition to USD you can pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Xivra. The difference is that starting in June 2014 we will offer hosting besides the normal USD prices also for fixed Xivra prices, completely exchange rate independent.”

The hosting site will have some of the cheapest prices online and can become even cheaper when fixed Xivra prices arrive. You can visit the Xivra friendly hosting service site on and have a look at the services they provide there.

The Future of Xivra and Cryptocurrencies

We wanted to know how Peter sees the future of Xivra and cryptocurrencies in general, as it is a widely discussed topic. When asked how he sees the future of Xivra he told us the following.

“The future of Xivra and all crypto’s including Bitcoin will be decided by governments within the next two years. It is the task of the developers, community and supporters of cryptos to make sure that we keep a legal status. If we are not stopped by governments and laws then I see a bright future for Xivra.”

Peter explained that the general public has a lot of misunderstandings about cryptocurrencies in general, as mainstream media has been very good at showing the negative sides of it. Stories about SilkRoad, money laundering and so on have made it easy for the public to believe that cryptocurrencies are a way for criminal organizations to fund their their illegal activities.

The next step in cryptocurrencies, according to Peter, will be that countries either completely ban them or begin to regulate them accordingly with their laws. When asked how he thinks the general public will react more positive towards cryptocurrencies if they are regulated, Peter said the following.

“I think that regulations will help the public to the positive side, however is it not the goal of cryptos to be unregulated and decentralized?”

Peter explained to us that he is currently working on Xivra between 60-80 hours a week, Xivra has been created for the long run and he will continue to develop new services and other good things to make Xivra a success.

You can read more about Xivra on, where you will find all the relevant information about how to mine, stats, charts and everything else you need.

Lastly we would like to thank Peter for taking the time to talk to us about his cryptocurrency and if you would like to have an interview about your coin, feel free to contact us so we can set it up.  

Daniel Allermand

Daniel Allermand is a freelance writer, with more than 4 years of experience in the industry as an operator, affiliate and poker player. Daniel has decided it was time to try and bring more coverage about the industry to the general public by writing articles about everything from poker to casino.  

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