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Houbi launches Cryptocurrency exchange in Australia

Houbi launches Cryptocurrency exchange in Australia

Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Houbi confirmed trading on its new Australian platform from July 5.

According to Coinmarketcap, Houbi is the fourth largest in the world with a daily trade worth $713 million.

The cryptocurrency exchange launched Australian trading platform on Thursday which included Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Alongwith Bitcoin and Ethreum, Houbi Australia also support Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Cortex and IOST.

HoubiAU is a joint venture between Huobi and Blockchain Global.

Blockchain Global is one of the leading Australia venture funds with a trade of more than $200 million of investments.

While speaking on the company's future plans, Adrian Harrison, Houbi Australia CEO said that he was well aware of the interests of Australian investors who are sophisticated and well -informed.

He also said, "Crypto-traders in Australia are knowledgeable and sophisticated. They are also well aware of safely developing the market."

He also said that Houbi was taking steps for contributing to the growing blockchain space in Australia.

As per the reports of Finder Australia, the company aims to use its $200 million Global Ecosystem Fund and its consulting service to get associated with the growing numbers of Australian blockchain projects.

Blockchain Global CEO Sam Lee that the partnership with Houbi is a win-win for country's blockchain space.

He also said that the strategic partnership with Houbi would represent our journey towards fostering the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology arounf the world.

Lee said that he believed that Houbi's technical expertise along with its long-standing relationship with regulators, industry bodies and investors would be an advantage for the crypto market of Australia.

Houbi has been expanding. It opened its European office in London last week with over-the-counter (OTC) trading set to start this year.