| On 4 years ago

Hong Kong-Based Bitfinex Enables Ripple’s XRP On Its Trading Platform


This comes shortly after the announcement by Ripple that it would partner with BitGo to list its XRP on leading digital asset exchanges and is due in part to both the growing interest shown by shareholders and its customers.  Both XRP pairs XRP/BTC and XRP/USD will be available for trading on the platform. 

XRP, as it has both the fastest transaction confirmation and proven governance of its kind, is likely to develop into the most efficient option for financial institutions and liquidity providers who require global reach and accessibility and it is now positioned in such a way as to provide cross-border payments by creating additional competitive foreign exchange markets.

The Hong Kong-based exchange recently stated: “Margin trading for  the XRP pairs will be enabled after the order book develops suitable liquidity in the next few days.”