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Head of Sberbank Favours Bitcoin

Head of Sberbank Favours Bitcoin

Sberbank is the third largest bank in Europe, the biggest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe and holds almost half a trillion dollars in assets and they employ over 300,000 people.

It's safe to say Sberbank is a financial powerhouse. The bank is owned by the Central Bank of Russia and its CEO, German Gref, who was also the Russian Minister of Economy and Trade, is known for his liberal views and reforms of the Russian economy.

Gref has expressed several times that he is in favour of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and on an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he expressed support for all kinds of digital currencies, saying he had asked officials to step in in parliament to avoid banning digital currencies.

Gref went as far as stating publicly that "an outright ban would be a 'colossal mistake' and it definitely shouldn’t be banned, it must be studied and maybe regulated properly".