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Hardware Wallet TREZOR Announces Dash and Zcash Support

Hardware Wallet TREZOR Announces Dash and Zcash Support

The first hardware Bitcoin wallet, TREZOR, has expanded its cryptocurrency portfolio to integrate Dash and Zcash. The decision comes as a result of market demand.

TREZOR is owned and run by Czech company SatoshiLabs who have made their name with the proprietary Slush mining pool. According to the team, the wallet was lagging behind the hardware which had been supporting a myriad of virtual currencies such as Litecoin, Namecoin, Testnet, Dash and Dogecoin. Hence the idea to incorporate all the varieties of cryptocurrency into the TREZOR wallet.

Taking into consideration the privacy-centered nature of the Dash and Zcash assets, unless user needs change, it is likely that any further expansion of the TREZOR wallet services will entail similar cryptocurrency (for example, Monero). However, as hardware is not as flexible as software wallets, the integration might be time-consuming due to the potential incompatibility of some protocols with the existing configuration.

Dash has recently seen a surge in popularity, with its exchange rate to the USD currently at around $15.8. Zcash has only been around for several months but is already available on numerous exchanges due to its endorsement by prominent stakeholders.