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Greenpeace Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Greenpeace Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Bitcoin is becoming the go-to currency to accept donations when you are a charity organization or similar, as the price in fees and setup costs is much lower than with normal payment methods. Combine this with the security of funds and the impossibility of fraud, it is an ideal match for any organization.


Today Greenpeace announced that they started accepting Bitcoin donations, through a partnership with BitPay, the world's leading Bitcoin payment processing provider. As they rely solely on donations from private people, this step should increase their donations slightly as it provides an easy way for more people to donate.


Greenpeace is very happy with the integration of Bitcoins and the fact that it is decentralized as well as the small processing fee compared to the regular methods. They will still continue to accept regular payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card and PayPal as their main donations comes from these sources.


BitPay is offering their customers a 0% processing fee, which will last for life, making it the perfect company for charity organizations and organizations like Greenpeace to use.

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