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Greece's Government Issuing Warning About Bitcoins

Greece's Government Issuing Warning About Bitcoins

Greece's government is one of the first European countries to break its silence in regards to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and have decided to issue a warning about Bitcoins to the citizens of the economically struggling country.

The Bank of Greece issued a statement which included warnings about Bitcoins to their citizens about the risks that investing in cryptocurrencies have. The main warning was towards the fact that the price of a Bitcoin is not protected by the government, but instead dictated by the market.

They also issued guidelines towards Bitcoin marketplaces, taxes and legal advice towards handling Bitcoins for shops and other industries that may integrate it as a payment method.  They also cited the European Bank Authority in the release, with the warning that they previously gave about the Bitcoins.

The Greek central bank did not provide any additional details regarding the statement and has not responded to any questions. Not many people are aware of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general in Greece and only few people actually holds the coins according to CoinDesk.  

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