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Google Search Now Shows Bitcoin Value and Statistics

Google Search Now Shows Bitcoin Value and Statistics

Another great function to help the mainstream crowd when it comes to Bitcoin was revealed by Google yesterday, as the search engine giants have integrated a search feature that shows the Bitcoin value and other statistics updated in real time.

While Google is simply following in the footsteps of the Bing search engine, there is no doubt that that it has a much bigger impact when Google does it, than when anybody else does it. All you have to do to see the feature in Google is to Google something like "Bitcoin Price" or "How Much Does 3 Bitcoins Cost" and Google will let you know both things.

Once you are in the conversion and statistic page of the Bitcoin, you can easily choose how many Bitcoins you wish to see the value of and in which currency you want to see it. The default currency is set to USD $, which is also what most exchanges run in, but you can change it to your local currency or whichever is your choice.

Despite having the Bitcoin data update in real time, Google still made a disclaimer for people using it that it may not be correct. Errors can happen and it's better for Google to say that it may not be accurate and people double-check, instead of them blindly believing the prices they show.

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