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GoCoin and Apriva Teams Up to Offer Crypto Payments

GoCoin and Apriva Teams Up to Offer Crypto Payments

GoCoin and Apriva has teamed up to offer Apriva's more than 1,000 point-of-sale customers the possibility to accept cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. With the agreement, GoCoin will be able to reach new customers and target area's that they would otherwise have problems reaching.

CEO of GoCoin, Steve Beauregard said: “As the payments industry evolves, we want to empower merchants by giving their consumers the option to use the latest payment forms for their purchases. Our partnership will enable Apriva’s resellers and ISV's to provide their merchants the most comprehensive selection of payment options offered today.”

The companies and businesses will not be subject to the cryptocurrencies' volatility, as they convert the payments into fiat funds instantly upon receiving a payment, making it an ideal way for new companies to begin accepting it.

“Digital currencies are another driver of change within the payments industry and quickly gaining in interest from consumers. Our customers rely on us to be at the forefront of innovation so they can differentiate themselves and take advantage of new opportunities to meet their consumer needs" Spokesman from Apriva, Chris Spinella said.

“GoCoin’s technology platform is an ideal complement to the Apriva Gateway, providing us with the ability to support current digital currencies, and emerging currencies as well.” He added.

Apriva will now have a foot inside the cryptocurrency payment industry, with no need to invest time or money into developing their own solution, as GoCoin has done that for them already.