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GameCredits Promote Blockchain in Gaming Through Free API

GameCredits Promote Blockchain in Gaming Through Free API

Innovative gaming operator GameCredits has celebrated the advent of cryptocurrency in-game payments on its proprietary platform. The company has just announced the launch of its free API that will make digital currency purchases of in-game items possible, and hopefully, turn that into a common trend.

According to GameCredits VP of Business Development Sergey Sholom, the innovation is “the first to bring blockchain powered tokens to the gaming community in a huge way”. To this end, cryptocurrency payments are seen as a way for less costly development and new gaming economies.

The latest developments show that gaming might be among the first industries to benefit from the use of blockchain on a massive scale. Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project believes that within five years from now, Fortune 500 companies will be transacting on a distributed ledger and making use of smart contracts.

This claim is further supported by the outcome of a study by SIX Securities Services which reveals that over 75% of financial organizations are testing blockchain technologies. At the same time, the research specifies that mass adoption is to be expected in no less than six years.

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