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GameCredits Launches Cryptocurrency and Credit Card Payments

GameCredits Launches Cryptocurrency and Credit Card Payments

Digital currency is on its way to conquering the gaming industry following GameCredits Inc.’s introduction of credit card and cryptocurrency purchases.

The new development represents a step towards the mass adoption of virtual currency by gamers who will now be able to buy cryptotokens without purchasing bitcoin first. The facilitated procedure is expected to attract more interest among first-time users.  What is more, GameCredits’ wallet will provide an array of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Ripple and more.

Although the GameCredits payment system will impose a limitation on amounts purchased by credit cards, that will only be valid for the first month. In addition, GameCredits bought would not be eligible for withdrawal for three months for better safety against chargebacks.

According to Sergey Sholom, VP of Business Development at GameCredits, systems offered by competitors lack interactivity and provide far less lucrative conditions to users. Instead, GameCredits is going to cut fees by game developers by over 20% and thus enhance value for players.

Founded in 2015, GameCredits has a proven track record of coming up with innovative blockchain solutions. The company is planning to roll out the first-ever cryptocurrency store in the second quarter of 2017.