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First Poker player David Sands aka “Doc” test positive for Coronavirus

First Poker player David Sands aka Doc test positive for Coronavirus

On Sunday, it finally happened in Poker industry when its first player David aka “Doc” Sands tested positive for Coronavirus. He revealed the news through his twitter handle. Before him, Rudy Gobert was the first player in worldwide sports to test positive for COVID-19 while actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson were the cases from the entertainment industry. And the menace has finally infected the poker industry as well.

David was tested positive for the virus just after experiencing mild symptoms. Although, the 35- year old did not take part in the tournament circuit, the number of people he has met in last couple of week is still doubtful. He bagged aprroximately $8.5 million as a live earning with two seven-figure scorers, including a victory in the 2013 World Poker Tour Championship Super High Roller $100,000 buy-n for $1.02 million. He is known for taking parts in many of the biggest cash games in Las Vegas.

Through his tweet, he started a series of 13- tweet which included his brief health history, his symptoms, and the timeline in which he started to feel sick and got tested.

According to David, the symtoms started with a headache on last Monday before adding upto some mild postnasal drip and what he explained as “wet’ cough. The interesting part is he never developed a fever or had dry coughing fits as they are described as the main symptoms of Coronavirus.

He called his doctor on Tuesday, who denied to test him for the virus. Since then Sands has been self quarantine, he had been isolating himself and his family for almost a week. But after a week he situation started getting bad, it was then Sands called his “concierge Dr.” who examined him and took the test. Sands was found positive for Coronavirus on Saturday. Now, from where he got this deadly desease, this has not been confirmed. Right now he is taking good care of himself and we hope he recovered really soon.