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First Bitcoin Transaction in North Korea

First Bitcoin Transaction in North Korea

We have to admit that the header sounds a little more interesting than the story actually is, however we still found it interesting enough to share it with you. The first official Bitcoin transaction to be made in North Korea was made by a tourist, writing about his experience on the popular Reddit site.

The tourist was on one of the guided tours around North Korea and had access to the internet on his phone/tablet, which he used to make the very first Bitcoin transaction registered in the blockchain from North Korea. The transaction was for a unspecified amount, but was to a charity organization, which the tourist found to be worthy of his donation.

Meanwhile it will be interesting to see if the suppressed people of North Korea will have access to the digital currency themselves soon, which could lead to the poor country blossoming a bit among the poor families, having an easier access to a currency. Since the internet is hardly available to anyone inside North Korea and heavily censured, we do however doubt that it is going to happen any time soon. You can see the original picture the tourist took while doing his Bitcoin transfer in the article photo. 

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