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First Bitcoin ATM to be Installed Shortly in Africa

First Bitcoin ATM to be Installed Shortly in Africa

With an economy that is destroyed by inflation and other things in most parts of Africa, the interest for cryptocurrencies has been quite high in the many countries of the continent. Now they will soon have their very first Bitcoin ATM installed, which will be placed in Johannesburg, South Africa, according to CoinDesk.

The company behind the first Bitcoin ATM in Africa is known as ZABitcoinATM and they ordered a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM back in February, which they expect to have delivered very soon. The next issue is to find a place to install the Bitcoin ATM, but the company says that they are in talks with several restaurants and cafe's to find the most ideal location.

While the first Bitcoin ATM will be installed in the financial centre of South Africa, the next one which is already on its way as well, will be placed in Cape Town. ZABitcoinATM has asked the people of Cape Town where they believe it would be best to place the Bitcoin ATM, to get the most exposure and help most people possible.

It will be interesting to see if the Africans will be able to take in the technology of the Bitcoin or if they will continue to use the services they already have. As many Africans are not very good with technology and smart phones are not very present, most Africans uses SMS services to transfer money as it will work on any mobile phone. 

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