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First Bitcoin ATM in Arizona Destroyed by Lightning

First Bitcoin ATM in Arizona Destroyed by Lightning

The past six months we have seen an amazing increase in Bitcoin ATM's all across the globe and with the low price that the suppliers charge, it is something that will continue. But not everyone is very fortunate when it comes to their Bitcoin ATM, as Brian Williams, founder and owner of Javelin Investments LLC, had his destroyed by lightning.

The Bitcoin ATM was installed in Arizona and was the open-source Bitcoin ATM from Skyhook, worth around $1,000. The lightning stroke into the building that the ATM was installed in and overcharged the electronics system inside, making the ATM not function as it should.

"It's kind of like getting punched in the face. I'm trying to pick up the pieces and trying to figure out where we are at," Williams stated.

The machine was only installed recently by Williams and hadn't had a lot of transactions yet, but Williams was building up a hype and saw an increase in transactions and amounts purchased. The average purchase was in the neighborhood of $5-$20 per transaction, which is quite decent for a brand new machine and the first of its kind in the state.

Williams is now trying to figure out if he can save the machine in any way, testing out which components still working in the machine and replacing those that doesn't. He hopes to have the ATM ready within a week's time if things goes accordingly.

"It was a totally avoidable thing. Everything was going great. The community was getting kind of excited about it," Williams stated. "The main thing I want is to apologize to anyone that was inconvenienced."