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eGifter in Partnership with GoCoin - Will be Accepting Litecoin and Dogecoin

eGifter in Partnership with GoCoin Will be Accepting Litecoin and Dogecoin

The US based online gift card shop eGifter has signed a partnership agreement with GoCoin, who will provide eGifter with a brand new payments platform which can accept Litecoin and Dogecoin. eGifter already accepts Bitcoins and have seen the revenues that doing so could bring, which is why they also wanted to integrate a few more cryptocurrencies.

eGifter sells gift cards for more than 100 of the biggest online and physical store brands, including Amazon, Walmart and many more. This makes it easy for cryptocurrency holders to spend their coins on physical goods in stores close to them, instead of having to buy them from smaller online stores with longer delivery times.

eGifter will be among one of the first larger businesses to integrate Litecoin and Dogecoin payments, as it is not very widespread amongst companies yet. While it will without a doubt increase in the future as it becomes easier to integrate multiple cryptocurrencies into a payment system, it hasn't really caught the attention of many of the larger companies due to their sole focus being on the Bitcoin.

“We are thrilled to see key merchants in the bitcoin eco-system embrace the altcoins and their unique communities. Together with eGifter, we are building bridges between retail shopping and digital currency communities.” CEO of GoCoin, Steve Beauregard told to

With the new payments platform, eGifter will no longer have to handle the cryptocurrency themselves like before, but instead GoCoin will handle all transactions and convert the coins into dollars at the daily rate.  You can visit eGifter here and check their great selection yourself.

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