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eBay recognizes Bitcoins, adds them to main US site

eBay recognizes Bitcoins adds them to main US site

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are beginning to gain acceptance in more and more places. Adding to the list are eBay, which has included it in its main US site where you now have a category for ‘Virtual Currency’, where you can find listings for many Bitcoin and altcoin-related activities like shares in mining operations.

This can be called a gesture on the part of eBay but they still don’t accept Bitcoin as official payment currency, but still - any recognition of the cryptocurrency is significant. For the parent company of PayPal Bitcoin definitely become a major challenge but they are beginning to see it as an opportunity .

eBay, the most popular online auction site quietly included the category in its ‘Category Changes‘ list for this April under ‘Coins and Paper Money,’ and this according to proponents of Bitcoin is a very important step. There were mixed reactions to this and eBay had earlier added them but later took them off. It remains to be seen for how long it will keep this time. One of the reasons cited by the organization for this was that the UK subsidiary of eBay had listed it already (before the US one).

Many hope that someday PayPal will accept Bitcoin as a payment method which in their opinion will help more customers to a great extent.