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DogeVault to Reimburse Lost Dogecoins After Recovering Them

DogeVault to Reimburse Lost Dogecoins After Recovering Them

Around a month ago the online Dogecoin wallet DogeVault was attacked and hacked by malicious criminals, who stole a massive 280 million Dogecoins from their hot wallet. As all wallet companies do, Dogevault promised to investigate into the matter the best they could and try to find a solution for the users having lost their Dogecoins.

But unlike most other companies who got hacked and robbed, Dogevault actually came back with some positive news. Dogevault announced that they have recovered around 120 million of the 280 million Dogecoins stolen, which will go towards the customers at a 25% of lost coins basis. This means that if you lose 100 Dogecoins and filed a complaint, you will receive 25 Dogecoins from DogeVault.

More Dogecoins will be paid back over time, when Dogevault manages to recover more coins for their users. Currently the company struggles to keep up with the customer's need to seek help with them, to which they made the following statement:

 “Our helpdesk is extremely backed up with support requests at the moment, all tickets will be answered as quickly as possible. Please do not spam us with multiple messages, as it will cause further delays,”

“Data recovery efforts are still ongoing, we are trying everything we can so that users data can be recovered and also to find the culprits responsible. Information about the attack has been reported to the relevant national law enforcement agencies, who will be launching a criminal investigation into the incident with our full cooperation.” DogeVault further announced, bringing even more hope to those who lost their coins in the attack.

Hopefully Dogevault will be able to recover even more coins and continue to do business, as it is a shame that every time something like this happens, people lose their coins. It not only brings a bad reputation to cryptocurrency it also brings in more criminals as they see it as being an easy prey.

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