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Dogecoin NASCAR Driver Josh Wise Races in All-Star Race

Dogecoin NASCAR Driver Josh Wise Races in All Star Race

The unthinkable happened as a very average driver in a very average car with, up until recently, little media attention got his way into the NASCAR All-Star race. Josh Wise, racing with Number 98, in the car sponsored by Dogecoin was voted in the All-Star race where he finished 15th in Sunday.

Usually big stars like Danica Patrick are voted into the NASCAR All-Star race, but this year Reddit came out in full force to put a cryptocurrency supported driver in the race. NASCAR purists speak of ‘cheating’ and ‘unfair voting’ by non fans of the actual sport, but this movement could provide a new fan base for the largely American sport.


While cryptocurrencies are looking to get a grip on society and NASCAR’s dwindling popularity this unlikely match could prove it to be beneficial for both parties. Reddit’s power, with more 2.5 million users, showed that the Internet is capable of big things and if they can control an All Star vote for a sport as big as NASCAR we don’t know where their power ends.

For now, Wise will have to work on his car and his game, as he’s not among the best in the game. Dogecoin however, after a steep drop off in value, remains in the Top 10 of most traded and biggest market cap compared to all other cryptocurrencies.