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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 37,179.77 Gambling Platform Closes Suddenly for no Apparent Reason Gambling Platform Closes Suddenly for no Apparent Reason

Without any warning, DirectBet has closed its doors and many Bitcoin gamblers have been left shocked as to the reasons why. Apparently, the company had been running various promotions only a few hours before the drastic announcement.

Speculation is rife that the reason lies in the increasing fee for Bitcoin transactions. DirectBet was known as a solid platform and it offered various gambling opportunities for an array of sports and even though there are other platforms with similar services, the company was favoured by many.

Bettors on golf are especially concerned as they will not easily find another compatible platform for this sport.  One of the main reasons why DirectBet as so popular was they dealt in altcoins. Few companies are accepting cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, even though altcoin gambling is becoming more popular.