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Digital Currency Exchange Poloniex TerminatesActivity in Washington

Digital Currency Exchange Poloniex TerminatesActivity in Washington

Major cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has confirmed the termination of its operations on the territory of Washington state. It is not known whether the decision is temporary or permanent.

Poloniex has already informed its users about the move via a letter published on the exchange’s website. In it, Poloniex says the company has taken the decision “after careful consideration of the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions’ interpretation of its financial services regulations”.

Customers of the platform residing in Washington are provided with two weeks to close any open orders and withdraw funds from Poloniex. Account restrictions will apply after April 21 so if anyone wishes to operate with their remaining balances after that deadline, they should file a request for a support ticket.

Personal user data, however, will be stored in case Poloniex resumes operations in Washington in the future.

Anyone who is planning to move to another state where Poloniex offers its services is kindly requested to contact support in order to verify their new state of residence.