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Digital Currency Exchange Platform Whaleclub Integrates Dash

Digital Currency Exchange Platform Whaleclub Integrates Dash

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Whaleclub has announced the completion of its Dash virtual currency integration. As a result, users can now trade Dash against over 50 different assets.

According to VP of Dash Business Development Daniel Diaz, through Whaleclub, investors will be exposed to a versatile trade of traditional instruments such as stocks, metals, forex and bonds using privacy-focused cryptocurrency Dash.

Hong Kong-based virtual currency exchange Whaleclub processes a volume of around $10 million over 24 hours. It has a 20,000 customer base and is reporting growth in Asian markets. Only an e-mail address is required for registration on the platform.

Whaleclub’s Chief Product Officer Ian Glindro praised highly Dash’s payment network growth, innovation and DAO structure. He said he was looking forward to an increasing demand for Dash services as the ecosystem expanded on a global scale and investors searched for a viable Bitcoin alternative.

Mr Glindro also gave credit to the platform’s internal matching model which did not rely on liquidity or old-fashioned fiat processes, and expressed hope his company would soon be making its name on the Japanese, Korean and Chinese markets.