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Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea, Wearing PotCoin T-shirt

Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea Wearing PotCoin T shirt

Former NBA superstar, Dennis Rodman makes a controversial visit to North Korea that was sponsored by the Potcoin, a cryptocurrency for legal cannabis industry.

Rodman’s purpose of visit still stands unclear while Potcoin’s aim was publicity and promotion, which worked well in their case.

For the $100 billion worth global legal cannabis industry, Potcoin is claimed to be an extremely secure cryptocurrency network and banking solution.

Despite marijuana being legal in some states in the U.S, banks avoid dealing with the sector completely in order to avoid Money-Laundering and Compliance issues as marijuana is illegal in the United States under federal law.

Rodman was flaunting a Potcoin t-shirt when he reached North Korea. Soon after he thanked PotCoin for helping him achieve his mission.

Even though North Korea is called cannabis paradise PotCoin’s sponsoring Dennis Rodman’s visit doesn’t seem to have a connection.

Even though the motive of visit still remains unclear, PotCoin gained its share of publicity. After-all, all publicity is good publicity which could be seen with PotCoin’s value going up on Tuesday by 97% passing $0.18.