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Dell With $50,000 Equipment Order Through Bitcoins

By Daniel Allermand

It is not more than a month ago that Dell announced that they were beginning to accept Bitcoins as a payment method for the equipment which they sell in their online web shop. The first orders has already rolled in, but one stood out of the crowd as it was a $50,000 order for PowerEdge Servers, costing around 85 Bitcoins for the person ordering them.

Dell has been marketing Bitcoin as a payment method in their website since the launch of the method, offering discounts on special products for those who wished to pay with Bitcoins, following the lead of other large companies who decided to accept Bitcoin payments this year.

“We’re piloting Bitcoin, the world’s most widely used digital currency, as a purchase option on Dell.com for consumer and small business shoppers in the U.S.,” Laura Thomas, Blogger for Dell wrote. “We’re excited to bring you the choice and flexibility this payment option offers.”

While a $50,000 order is not anything out of this world for Dell, it still marks an interest for Bitcoin users to use their coins to purchase high-tech equipment for their company without having to bother with company credit cards and similar.

Dell believes that the sales through Bitcoins will continue to rise and thinks that the Bitcoin should be seen as a currency instead of a payment method, making it less complicated for companies to understand.

Daniel Allermand

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