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Dell Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Products

Dell Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Products

Another major company have decided to try something new and accept Bitcoin payments for their products. This time it was the computer system major Dell who decided to integrate the cryptocurrency as a payment method, after listening to what their customers wanted.

“We put this together quickly as a result of listening to our customers,” said David Frink, a Spokesman for Dell. “It’s another way for customers to have a relationship with Dell.”

Bitcoins are no longer attractive only based on the fact that they might bring a new consumer group with them, they are attractive to receive as a payment due to the fact that it saves a fortune in fee's, which in the end might result in lower prices for the consumers.

“Retailers have very low margins, and online especially, and they’re in a constant battle with credit cards and banks to lower those fees,” said Gil Luria, Analyst with Wedbush Securities. “Now that they see this avenue for fees to go away, that’s really their big motivation.”

Dell teamed up with San Francisco-based Coinbase to accept the Bitcoin payments. Coinbase will be in charge of converting the Bitcoins into fiat money at the rate that the customers purchase them with and were asked to integrate their payments service quickly, as Dell wanted to be ready for the back-to-school market.

With more and more large corporations seeing the light in accepting Bitcoin payments, it is just a matter of time before it will be as widely accepted as we see regular payment methods be today.

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