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Dell Accepting Bitcoin Payments in the UK and Canada

Dell Accepting Bitcoin Payments in the UK and Canada

Dell started accepting Bitcoin payments for their goods online in the US last year and now the time has come for them to expand to new territories. The UK and Canada were the next natural markets for them to offer Bitcoin payments in, which means that millions of people will now be able to buy computers with Bitcoins from those countries.

Dell will be the largest retailer in the UK to accept Bitcoin payments, despite it being quite popular there. However most Bitcoin accepting businesses in the UK are pubs and small restaurants, so now the population will be able to spend their Bitcoins on hardware rather than beer and wings.

“We’re hearing from our customers around the world that they want the option to use Bitcoin when buying Dell products, so we are excited to deliver Bitcoin as a payment method on to our customers in Canada and the UK,” said Dell's chief information officer Paul Walsh.

Dell's biggest order with Bitcoins so far was a $50,000 Power Edge server system order, but that there has been plenty of small and other large orders paid with Bitcoins since they launched it in the US. Dell doesn't actually physically hold the Bitcoins, but instead have an agreement with Coinbase who exchange the Bitcoins into fiat-money instantly. While this is a step in the right direction towards mainstreaming the Bitcoin, it isn't really all that until the companies decide to actually keep  the coins.

Keeping the coins is what shows that they have faith in the Bitcoin as currency, as exchanging it into fiat-money and regulating the prizes every second to match the market movements doesn't really do anything for the Bitcoin, it's just another way for Dell to make some extra money short-term.

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