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Dash Prices Surge To Reach $200 Mark

Dash Prices Surge To Reach 200 Mark

After its last $100 record high in March this year, the price of Dash currency is trading over $200 for the first time ever.

An increase of 14% was seen in the span of 24 hours at the DASH/USD exchange rate, supported by the daily trading volume of $80 million. This has resulted in the total market cap of Dash blockchain over $1.5 billion.

The Twitter campaign by Dash advocate, Amanda B. Johnson has helped cryptocurrency to get a boost in adoption by the new users.

She started the Twitter campaign with the My #FirstDashWallet. It was the easiest way for a person to buy cryptocurrency just by using the smartphone and social media account.

The Dash value milestone also owes to the top 5 blockchain based cryptocurrency that is valued as high as $2 billion each.