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Darknet Marketplace AlphaBay Introduces Ethereum Payments

Darknet Marketplace AlphaBay Introduces Ethereum Payments

Being among the most valuable digital currencies available on the market, Ethereum is set to expand its user base as a result of a massive integration project. AlphaBay, one of the world’s most prominent darknet markets, confirmed they would be offering ETH payments as of May 1.

Ethereum is going to be the fourth payment option in AlphaBay’s wallet next to Bitcoin, XMR and Monero. However, at this point in time it is hard to estimate how many vendors will be interested in operating with Ethereum, or whether a darknet market is the best solution for enhancing Ethereum’s use.

ETH has gained a lot of value since last week, which is a sign that the Ethereum ecosystem is expanding slowly but surely.

Sellers on the AlphaBay platform who opt for ETH payments will have to enable the functionality manually. Extra anonymity features will soon be available for Ethereum as part of the Metropolis hard fork which is yet to obtain official ETA.

Overall, the dominating sentiment is that adding Ethereum is an interesting decision but no one is certain about the long-term effects of this move.