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"Dark Wallet" Bringing the Bitcoin Back to its Roots

Dark Wallet Bringing the Bitcoin Back to its Roots

The Bitcoin has been struggling for a while now, with a value still trying to stabilize itself after some huge value losses as well as due to all the regulation talk and theft that has happened within the last six months. It seems that the Bitcoin is becoming too mainstream nowadays, with the governments wanting to regulate it like a real currency and thus gain the control the need.

But not everyone agrees that this is how Bitcoins should be treated, as they believe that it needs to be a completely anonymous way of transferring money for whatever purpose that the person want. There shouldn't be any control and nobody but you should know what you are transferring Bitcoins for.

This has lead to the creation of the "Dark Wallet", which was first shown to the public in the fall of 2013, where the creators Cody Wilson and Amir Taaki were looking for $50,000 in funding to start creating the wallet system that makes all transactions nearly impossible to trace, due to an encryption that they put on all transactions which they named "CoinJoin".

What the software does is basically to register multiple transactions as one transaction, which effectively masks the transfers you are doing so nobody can see the recipient or similar. The software is completely legal to own and use, but the creators has not tried to hide the fact that the wallet is primarily made to mask illegal transactions.

You can download the Dark Wallet application from today, by visiting this link and below you can see a video that explains the basics of the Dark Wallet so you can understand better what it does exactly.  


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