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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 35,706.50 to Accept Bitcoin Payments and Opens new Office to Accept Bitcoin Payments and Opens new Office announced today that they are set to accept Bitcoin payments, to engage into new markets and to be able to save processing fees. Furthermore the company announced that they will be opening a new office in Bitcoin Decentral in Toronto, Canada.


"Consistent with our efforts to cater to current and future trends in e-commerce and continuing to be innovative and leading edge, in the very near future, we will be adding Bitcoin to our site as one of the accepted payment methods," stated DailyDealy Co-President Aqeel Maknojia.


DailyDealy Co-President Aqeel Maknojia said, "As the Bitcoin Decentral location in Toronto is home to a number of businesses and companies that are, or aspire to be, disruptive in nature, it seemed like a logical choice for location of our new Toronto office." Mr. Maknojia went on to say, "Our strategic plan includes opening multiple locations across the country so that we will better be able to serve and service our various customers and cooperative business relationships in various locations. The business incubator environment at Bitcoin Decentral is perfectly suited to cultivating DailyDealy's corporate culture and encourages 'out of the box' thinking."


Mr. Maknojia concluded by saying, "Even though we are part of an industry known as the Flash Sale industry, our intent is to be highly innovative and develop new ways of evolving this business model to better serve the rapidly expanding customer base and address the increasing consumer market demand for our services; hence the logical choice of aligning ourselves with like minded companies and executives across a range of industries, all of whom share the common goals of being both innovative and disruptive."

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