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Cryptocurrency SibCoin Introduced on Chinese Market

Cryptocurrency SibCoin Introduced on Chinese Market

Dash-forked digital currency SibCoin is ready to penetrate the Chinese market after gaining prominence in Siberia. The cryptocurrency has successfully consolidated its positions among the Russian virtual currency community and is looking out to expand into new markets.

SibCoin was created in 2015 by utilizing encryption algorithms above the basics of Dash. So far it has been an adequate alternative of Bitcoin, doing away with the latter’s volatility.

Dash, an anonimity-oriented cryptocurrency, put together the foundation of SibCoin through block size increase. According to the creator of Dash, Evan Duffield, this digital currency rolls out a fundamentally different governance architecture which makes it less technically complex than Bitcoin.

SibCoin is currently traded on Livecoin, YoBit and Bittrex.

The development team behind SibCoin is focusing on payment collection services and exchanges, and the masternode-based services. As one might expect, SibCoin is preparing for a massive launch of additional features during 2017.