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Cryptocurrency Radio Launching this Saturday

Cryptocurrency Radio Launching this Saturday

Saturday May 10th, the world's first official cryptocurrency radio will launch. It will be known as Crypto Coin Radio and will offer music, talk and cryptocurrency news 24/7 for all of its listeners. The shows will be hosted by real live dj's and the news will be announced hourly by professional news hosts.

The radio will also be different from regular online radio's as the radio will not be using a centralized server or platform to transmit the show to the listeners, but will instead be using a new revolutionary internet radio technology that works similar to cryptocurrencies. The idea is that each listener will be relaying the audio stream to other listeners and thus for a giant network, similar to cryptocurrencies.

The radio will use a unique peer-to-peer streaming service that can make this happen and at the same time ensure that both listeners and broadcasters will remain completely anonymous.

The official launch of Crypto Coin Radio will be on Saturday May 10th at 12.00 Noon Eastern Time, where the radio will be giving away hundreds of thousand different altcoins to the listeners in the first 36 hours of broadcasting, as well as other high valued prizes. The first official host for Crypto Coin Radio will be the infamous Mastercoin creator AnonymousPirate.

You can download the special tuner client directly from Crypto Coin Radio's website, where you'll also find a built-in chat-room where you can chat with fellow cryptocurrency fans. You can visit Crypto Coin Radio here

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