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Cryptocurrency Market Cap Hits New All-Time High Of $150 Billion

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Hits New All Time High Of 150 Billion

The cryptocurrency market cap has set a new record, as the combined trading value has surpassed $150 billion. The combined value of Ether, Bitcoin and other blockchain based assets reached an all time high of around $154 billion.

As per the figures, the market continues to grow at a steady pace. The market reached the current value after climbing up by 13 percent in the last seven days, an impressive 67 percent over the last month, and an unbelievable 1,240 percent, year-over-year.

Interestingly, the overall all new high for the crypto market comes at a time, when no major cryptocurrency is trading at an individual all-time high.

Bitcoin and Ether are currently trading at $4,275 and $324 respectively, are still shy of their all-time highs of $4,500 for Bitcoin and $400 for Ether. The new combined record comes, even at a time when there are no significant gains in Litecoin, monero or dash, one of the few more popular altcoins in the market.

Ripple’s XRP token, issued by San Francisco startup seeking to build enterprise blockchain solutions caused the breakout. The day’s trading of the currency; XRP was up by more than 50 % to $0.28, producing impressive gains overall.