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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 36,251.43

Cryptocurrency Market Back On Track!

Cryptocurrency Market Back On Track

After a not so very good time for the cryptocurrency market where almost every cryptocurrency lost its value this week, it looks like the market is coming back to life. Some of the currencies are crawling back to the double-digit value. Though the market has not completely recovered, it looks like its recovering for now.

It’s a time to rejoice and breathe easy for many traders as the trading charts look better as to what they have been for the past few days where there was a wild deteriorating trend in the value of these currencies in the market.

Though there was no massive gain or loss to the value of Bitcoin, comparing from the past few days, it did go up by 3.65% in a span of 24 hours, which is a low number.

For now, things are looking good for Ethereum as Ether’s value was up by 15.83% and was the first currency to record a double-digit gain in the past 24 hours. It would still take some more time to recover for Ethereum. Some other currencies in top 15 showing similar gain trends are Dash, Stratis and Steem.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that all the currencies have their value linked to Bitcoin one way or the other, especially the top-15 as of now.