| On 4 years ago

Cryptocurrency Exchange Celery Freezes Operations Without Explanation.


All deposits, orders and withdrawals have been suspended by Celery and as yet no explanation or update has been forthcoming.

Along with ransomware WannaCry it seems that the internet is going through a tough time. A portion of the Bitcoin community, whose favorite cryptocurrency exchange platform, Celery have also been faced with an equally serious issue in that operations have been suddenly frozen.

For over a week Celery’s platform page continues to read: all withdrawals, orders and deposits are currently halted and for further updates, users are requested to visit the company’s updates.  Visiting this page one is no wiser and with no official word from the platform, it is a worrisome situation.

This is not the first time as on many occasion this type of message was indicative of worse to come. Users are hoping that it will revert back to normality asap.