Cryptocurrency based poker game plans to extinct cheating

Rewriting the rules of poker gaming software, CoinPoker is based on cryptocurrency and is also available for free play. It will run on CHP tokens and has blockchain technology to fight against the emerging unfairness in the game. Building a bridge between Poker players and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, CoinPoker’s software aims to revamp the game from any negative impact. The application is available for download immediately; it tries to deliver what poker players have wanted back for some time now – a fun, transparency and competitive poker game free from cheating. “The main mission of CoinPoker’ is to provide safe, transparent, and trustworthy online poker games,” quoted Isabelle Mercier, CoinPoker’s representative.”Blockchain technology has opened so much more opportunities for the community. Even in those regions where the players of the game have fixed payment issues, like in Asia or Latin America. Players around the world can now feel safe that their funds are secured, and their cards will be random, and their games will be fair.”

Talking about the reason behind the implementation of cryptocurrency Mercier said that cryptocurrency would make the transactions super fast from days to seconds anywhere the world, thus allowing people even from difficult regions quickly to make their dealings. All the poker games at CoinPoker will be played using Chips (CHP) – a unique cryptocurrency, based on Ethereum smart contracts. To keep the transparency maintained among the players, CoinPoker is setting up their RNG (Random Number Generator) on the blockchain. The team believes that only blockchain technologies are fully capable of handling unfair play.

“The online poker community has seen its dark days too in the past couple decades. Poker room scandals are leaving players with hundreds of millions in losses, and with cheating cases that made players lose trust in the regular RNG. Even with dishonest users who use bots to cheat and win. We wanted to change it, all of it” said CoinPoker Head of Security Michael Josem, who is well known for helping uncover multiple major poker fraud scandals. “We are developing a Fairplay blockchain-based security and fraud system that is going to help us discern the real players from the bots, preventing cheating. Casual players should have a chance to enjoy the game again.”

CoinPoker ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and the official launch is planned for January, but the Pre-ICO goes live next week, giving token holders a 30% bonus.

To build more liquidity of shares of the company and also to guarantee bigger prize pools for the punters, CoinPoker will return 15% of all the tokens raised during ICO to the community. It will continue similarly and, later on, 25% of the total revenue will be shared amongst the players regularly. It is also believed that the permanent demand for chips from the poker community will sustain and grow the value of the coin, which makes CHP attractive to the crypto community and the exchanges, too.

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