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Cryptocurrency Accounts Hacked by Pony Botnet

Cryptocurrency Accounts Hacked by Pony Botnet

Pony Botnet stole over 2 million passwords in December of 2013 and it seems like these passwords are now being used to hack into cryptocurrency holders account's and empty them for the coins being held. According to Trustware a new more advanced Botnet has hacked 700,000 accounts since September and have access to several online Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallet accounts.

The accounts compromised mainly comes from Europe, but there are also others from other parts of the world. The hackers have so far stolen around $220,000 worth of cryptocurrencies from the unsuspicious targets and the coins have simply been transferred around into new wallets until it was traceless.

The amount may even be a lot higher, simply because all transactions are completely anonymous on the cryptocurrency networks. There is a big chance that several people have lost their coins without even knowing it yet, which is why we suggest you to check your account and rethink your password.

Many coin holders use simple passwords for their Bitcoin wallets, which they also use on other sites at the same time. This is not very secure and provides a potential thread towards trojan's and hacker attacks on your computer. Instead you should always create a strong unique password that there is no chance of guessing in any way. 

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