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Cryptocurrencies Valued at $13 Billion Combined

Cryptocurrencies Valued at 13 Billion Combined

After the bitcoin became popular here in 2013, many alternative coins, so called "AltCoins" appeared and fought for the chance to become the next big cryptocurrency. There is now more than 67 different cryptocurrency coins in circulation and more continues to come, as entrepreneurs develops on the original bitcoin and adds the things to its coding and mining that they didn't have.

The total value of all of these cryptocurrencies combined is now close to $13 billion, meaning it's a huge industry that more and more large businesses are looking into getting a piece of the pie with. The bitcoin is currently valued at around $750, while the little brother LiteCoin is valued at around $24.

There are several other coins with significantly less value, however they have been mined to such a degree that there are up to hundreds of millions of them, still providing the cryptocurrency with a large amount of money in circulation.

All of these coins are unregulated and decentralized from any banks in the world, making it impossible for a government to simply start creating more coins. More and more merchants have started to accept the virtual currencies as a payment method for their goods and services, while the gambling industry in particular are experiencing a boom in cryptocurrency related gambling sites.

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