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Crypto Next Integrates All Cryptocurrencies For Trading

Crypto Next Integrates All Cryptocurrencies For Trading

Crypto Next, one of the leading online cryptocurrency exchanges, announced today that they have integrated a feature called “create your own market”, where users and developers can integrate the cryptocurrency of their choice, no matter how big or small, to be traded and paired in the platform.

The feature means that you can trade all cryptocurrencies available in the world with them and their whitelabel partner sites. If the coin you wish to trade isn’t there, then you can ask for them to integrate it and pay a nominal fee of two Bitcoins for the integration.

“Most exchanges are interested in high trade volumes, therefore have little desire to register all coins, but CryptoNext’s mission is to bring as many cryptocurrencies as possible to one platform, that is why we are offering this unique feature and allowing anyone to list their currency, not just those that have been voted in or have high trade volumes,” says Crypto Next CEO, Sharon Greenberg.

To integrate a new cryptocurrency to the platform, all you have to do is to provide Crypto Next’s development team with the integration instructions and a wallet address and it will be ready within a few days, simple and easy.

“Coin developers don’t have a market if they can’t get on to an exchange, and until now have had to make do with BTC only pairings at best. Now, they can create their market. To get on to existing exchanges, they often need to be voted in, and then stay popular for long enough not to get delisted. With Crypto Next, they just need to integrate their currency. Obviously, coins will be deleted in certain cases, for example if the wallet stops working, the development halts etc. but as long as the wallet is operational, it can be listed.” Asaf Azulay, Crypto Next’s CTO said.