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Creditbit Cryptocurrency Platform Boasts New Look

Creditbit Cryptocurrency Platform Boasts New Look

The Creditbit cryptocurrency platform has come up with a new logo as part of its rebranding campaign. Based on an MIT/X11 license, the open source solution offers a viable alternative to lead cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Creditbit’s revamping strategy comes at a time when Bitcoin is aiming at solving some problems, among which are scalability issues. As a platform developed at a later stage, Creditbit has learned from the experience of its competitors and avoided the mistakes they have made. At the same time, Creditbit’s capacity allows the site to process ten times more transactions per minute than the Bitcoin network.

Next to the new logo, Creditbit’s team is toiling at new features which will enhance the platform’s stability and attract users. The company is also planning a transition from the current PoS to its own Proof of Pawn (POP) distribution process whose purpose is to eliminate mining. A project to launch an autonomous exchange platform is also in the pipeline.


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