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CoSign Coin Launching Secure Bitcoin Escrow Service

CoSign Coin Launching Secure Bitcoin Escrow Service

CoSign Coin just announced that they will be launching a brand new service soon, which is a secure bitcoin escrow service. The company uses multi-signature wallets and transactions to ensure that the transactions are as safe as possible and hopes to see some support from the cryptocurrency community.

The secure Bitcoin escrow service can help consumers protect their Bitcoins from hackers and theft as well as fraud a malicious malware. The Bitcoins are never located all at the same place, due to the BIP-0016 multi-signature addresses. CoSign Coin said in their statement;

“CoSign Coin is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, especially in the complicated ‘multi-signature’ world. There is no question that this process will get more simple as wallet clients integrate multi-signature features and multi-signature becomes more commonplace. CoSign Coin also attempts to be as transparent as possible, ensuring users are fully aware of what is happening with their funds.”

Upon the launch of the service, customers will also find a new and improved website for CoSign Coin. Among the new services, users will find classified ads and instant support through live chat, allowing all users to trade coins with each other and get instant help in case there are any problems. The site also provides complete anonymity by providing a Tor and Hidden Service domain.

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