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Commercial Progression Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Commercial Progression Accepting Bitcoin Payments

More and more companies outside of merchants starts to accept Bitcoins as a payment method, which is overall positive as it spreads out the word of cryptocurrencies to new areas. Commercial Progression is a drupal digital agency that focuses on creating web sites using drupal as well as strategic development solutions.

The company is very excited about the concept of Bitcoins and decided that it wouldn't hurt to accept it as a payment method. “Bitcoin has triggered the start of a paradigm shift in how people and companies make electronic payments for goods and services,” Alex Fisher, Founder of Commercial Progression.

“The Bitcoin protocol not only lowers the cost of transaction fees, but aligns with our organizational philosophy of using and contributing to non-proprietary software.” he added.

Commercial Progression was founded back in 2008 and has since then grown to being a large company, with clients that includes National Geographic. They not only design and create websites, they also keep them up to date with content and help build stable communities on the site. 

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