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Coinzone Launches Bitcoin Services In Poland

Coinzone Launches Bitcoin Services In Poland

Coinzone, one of the leading Bitcoin payment services providers in Europe, announced today that they have launched their merchant payment services in Poland. The merchant service allows companies to accept Bitcoins in their native currency and language and to convert Bitcoins into fiat-money instantly after purchase.

Coinzone’s offerings is very similar to those of BitPay and other merchant payment solutions companies, but they are more local based, providing a better local service for businesses than the larger international companies.

They do not charge any monthly fees or subscriptions for companies who wants to integrate their service and they provide the Bitcoins to fiat-money exchange in the company’s bank account no matter how small an amount it would be.

"Coinzone's payment gateway offers multiple advantages for merchants. Quick and easy to use and requiring no special hardware, our solutions offer a simple and secure way to accept Bitcoin with no associated risk," explained Manuel Heilmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinzone.

The service is not just for online businesses who wants to accept Bitcoins, but also for land-based businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants or even taxi’s. Integration is fast and cheap and provides them access to accepting the cryptocurrency on the go.

"We're excited to be part of such a vibrant Bitcoin market," said Heilmann. "Businesses in Poland are eager to attract growing numbers of Bitcoin users, and our launch will enable businesses large and small to respond to consumers with a convenient yet secure Bitcoin payment process that delivers an exceptional user experience."

"Europe represents one of the fastest growing markets for merchants adopting Bitcoin. As the currency becomes increasingly mainstream, it's changing the way people think about digital money. At Coinzone we're committed to ensuring businesses across Europe are able to participate in this exciting new payment method - with a dynamic and highly functional solution that's fully compliant to the local market they operate within," concluded Heilmann.