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CoinNext Open for Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading

CoinNext Open for Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading

The cryptocurrency community and industry saw the opening of yet another cryptocurrency exchange site this week, this time named CoinNext. CoinNext "Strives to become the ultimate exchange for altcoins" according to the press release they send out and will "offer the best trading experience possible within a secure and reliable environment".

The platform from CoinNext will offer trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Vertcoin, Dogecoin and many more and aims to reach more than 200 cryptocurrencies that can be traded. The security of the exchange is at a bank-grade level and offers minimum fees for trading coins.

Placing an order is very similar to any other site, where you simply put up what you want to buy or sell and for how much and the system will tell you the total price including fees and everything else. Nothing is hidden from the users and it's supposed to be very user-friendly to use.

Storage wise, most coins will be placed in offline wallets and all information's are encrypted and stored around in different vaults around the world along with paper back-ups. Traffic is encrypted with SSL and SSH and has firewalls as well to prevent any sort of attack.

You can check out CoinNext's new trading platform right here

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