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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 33,351.00 Now Listing More Than 4,100 Bitcoin Accepting Merchants Now Listing More Than 4 100 Bitcoin Accepting Merchants

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of, we can tell you that it is an interactive map of the world, where Bitcoin and Litecoin merchants can go in and enter their company details and get listed as a company who accepts the popular cryptocurrencies. It is also possible for others to add businesses they know accept cryptocurrencies, making the amount of businesses rise monthly.

Now it seems that more than 4,100 merchants from all over the world accepts Bitcoin payments in their physical stores, which is a 2,300 more than there was in December 2013. It is worth noting that the map only shows physical stores accepting Bitcoin payments, meaning that any online shop accepting it will not be listed on the site.

While there is without a doubt more businesses accepting Bitcoin payments out there, it is a great way to try and find any businesses locally, as well as on travel destinations. The system is not ideal as it is right now, but with the addition of letting everyone add businesses, the list is ever growing.

No other cryptocurrency is as popular as the Bitcoin, but there are actually around 400 businesses accepting Litecoin and a handful accepting Dogecoins. You can have a look at the interactive map from here

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