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Coinbase Not Supportive of Bitcoin Fork Created Bitcoin Cash (BCC)

Coinbase Not Supportive of Bitcoin Fork Created Bitcoin Cash BCC

World’s largest Bitcoin exchange has cleared its stand on the Bitcoin blockchain split on August 1. Coinbase has declared that it would only support the digital version of the currency, ignoring the newly token created by the split ‘Bitcoin Cash (BCC)’.

The exchange gave out a statement in this regard that their “policy is to support only one version of digital currency.”

The Coinbase users who are looking for BCC tokens will have to move their funds to different wallets and exchanges where they will be credited for the same.

Coinbase said informing its customers that, “If you wish to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) before the hard fork, we recommend you initiate your withdrawal by 10 am PT on Monday, July 31st due to potential network congestion”.

Coinbase along with some Japanese exchanges will stop Bitcoin transactions from August 1. Japan’s largest exchange Bitflyer would be suspending its services as well. The resume date of the services remains unspecified. If the Bitcoin fork does not take place on the specified date, the suspension of the services will not take place, according to Bitflyer.