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Coinbase Acquires Kippt to "Make Bitcoins Easy to Use"

Coinbase Acquires Kippt to Make Bitcoins Easy to Use

One of the world's leading Bitcoin exchange sites Coinbase announced earlier today that they have acquired the management team behind the social bookmarking service Kippt and Inc. The two companies are well aware of one another, as they both went to the same Y Combinator Class back in 2012.

The purchase of the team comes as part of Coinbase's strategy to make Bitcoins easier to use for consumers across the globe, as well as merchants and for developers. As Kippt didn't make enough money to run a sustainable company, the sale was a natural way for them to continue doing what they do best, so founders Jori Lallo and Karri Saarrinen will continue working as usual.

" It's been fantastic and humbling to see such a diverse and vibrant community of talented people grow around Kippt and all the apps that have been built on the API. All the emails and tweets that we have received from our users over the years about the excitement and use of our products, have made this an unforgettable journey." A press release stated from Kippt.

Kippt will continue to run as it has always done, eliminating the premium plans however, while Lallo and Saarrinen will continue to run Inc on the side, as their own personal projects. 

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