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Class Action Lawyer Finds Mt.Gox Bitcoin Findings Very Suspect

Class Action Lawyer Finds Mt.Gox Bitcoin Findings Very Suspect

Yesterday reported a story about Mt.Gox "finding" between 180,000-200,000 bitcoins on an old format wallet they believed to be empty. The value of these coins are currently around $110-$120 million, which seems like a very big coincidence to fall over that kind of money one month after filing for bankruptcy.

We are not the only ones not buying the story, so set out to talk to Chris Dore who is a partner at Edelson law firm. Dore represents the US class action against Mt.Gox and thinks that the announcement came due to their ongoing investigations into the company.

“Their statement that they found [these bitcoins] in a random wallet and failed to tell anyone for two weeks is highly suspect.” Dore told Dore believes that the coins are linked to the ongoing investigation of 180,000 bitcoins that were moving through the blockchain around March 7th.

“We believe we were on the right trail. It appeared that these 180,000, 200,000 bitcoins were being tumbled, that they were being broken down and reconstituted, so our goal was to find this out.”

Dore believes that the announcement came from Mt.Gox in order to make it more difficult for additional information regarding them to be uncovered, adding: “If it’s a coincidence, it’s a $120m coincidence. We frankly just don’t buy it.”

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